The postpartum period is an extremely vulnerable time for new parents. It’s like starting a new job in a new field, with little-to-no prior training, little-to-no outside support, all while getting the least amount of sleep of your life AND recovering from a major physical event.

Consider Happy Babies as a place to get some on-the-job support.

Education + support

Want to know more about what our groups are generally like? Check out this video of Emma talking about early-days sleep hacks.

Our groups are a little info on all things baby from us, a lot of questions from you, and much coffee for everyone.

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10:30am - 12pm
Center for Birth
1500 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle

About us

Photo credit: Pamela Minett

Photo credit: Pamela Minett

Emma Summer: Lead facilitator, birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator, mom (pictured left)
Emma has worked with hundreds of Seattle families and specializes in helping parents adjust to their “new normal“ in the days, weeks, and months after welcoming a baby. She believes every new mom should receive unbiased, expert support, love, and encouragement as well as a giant glass of water every day. Emma lives in Wallingford and has two young children. She would love to hear your birth story.

Amelia McGee, MPH: Executive director, parent educator and coach, home organizer, mom (pictured right)
Amelia is living out her dream by creating and running Happy Babies Parent Education—that is, bringing supportive programming to parents as they navigate the struggles and joys of parenthood. She believes that being a parent is the hardest yet most important job there is, and that everyone who undertakes it deserves support.

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photo credit: jodi of practising simplicity

photo credit: jodi of practising simplicity


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"Prior to giving birth, I thought that I had this parenting thing figured out. Then my baby came along and I was lost.

Thank goodness for Happy Babies—a group where I could express my fears and utter hopelessness without being judged, making me feeling less isolated in my feelings of desperation and all-encompassing vulnerability."  —participant